Who We Are

Since 2006 satisfying our Customers.

CHAMA AMARELA was created in 2006, and since the beginning of its activity that takes as a dynamic and flexible company , seeking to satisfy the needs, expectations and demands of the customers, through their professionalism, in order to stimulate partnerships in achieving the goals.

Today we count on the collaboration of about 280 workers, which allows us to be able to perform various refractory installation and maintenance projects, in different kinds of industry, both nationally and internationally.

Through a differentiating strategy and specializedthe CHAMA AMARELA aims to consolidate a relationship of trust with its customers and employees, allowing through the involvement of employees and professional methods to add value to the business of its customers.

The objectivity with which faces the challenges in a perspective of success and responsibility leads to innovation and creativity in the dimension of the projects, thus providing timely and credible solutions, and promoting a culture of competence supported by technology integration.

CHAMA AMARELA is made up of experienced and specialized in different areas, characterised by extensive experience in realization of goals and carrying out projects successfully.

Safety rules adopted are a key factor for the success of the company. CHAMA AMARELA safety system certified (VCA Certification – 2004/04 version) approved by Vinçotte. The company also has implemented a quality management system approved by BUREAU VERITAS (in accordance with ISO 9001:2008)

Always seeking to meet the goals of our clients, anticipating and satisfying your needs, we maintain the same high standards with respect to safety and quality, not neglecting the productivity. As such, we believe and we bet on developing lasting partnerships with our clients.

We intend to instill confidence in our customers, through our commitment and constant motivation. Our knowledge, our experience and access to experienced resources allow us to be able to perform various refractory installation and maintenance projects.